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WAP pages (wap.windguru.cz)

When you're somewhere out, far from your computer, you can check the forecast on your mobile phone using Windguru WAP pages. It is available at http://wap.windguru.cz. You can't change any settings on WAP but you can view any available forecast. There is a simple forecast search in the WAP. If you login in WAP you can also view your forecast sets and Windguru PRO users can view MM5 forecasts.

If you want fast access to specific spot WAP forecast you can use this link generator to get the right URL.

WAP oharra (bereziki PRO erabiltzaileentzat): Lehenbailehen WAP atzitu nahi baduzu URL hau erabili: http://wap.windguru.cz/?username=ZURE_ERABILTZAILE_IZENA&password=ZURE_PASAHITZA

WAP 2.0 / XHTML-MP pages (wap2.windguru.cz)

wap2 WAP2 version is an enhanced WAP version suitable for todays color mobile phone displays, you can see similiar forecast tables as in www version with background colors and wind arrows etc. not just texts as in normal WAP. (see the example on the left)

Because phone displays may be quite different we try to detect your phone and display adequate number of forecast columns on one page. For example Sony Ericsson T610 displays only 4 columns nicely at once, Nokia 6600 can view up to 8 columns etc. we don't have many phone profiles in our database yet but we can add more. If you go to http://wap2.windguru.cz/help.php with your WAP2 capable phone and you see "Windguru not optimized for your device" message you can use a special test page to discover the best number of columns for your device and submit the result to windguru. Right now the number of recognized phones is: 476

WAP 2.0 can be a good option for your PDA too.

WAP 2.0 pages are being developed in cooperation with Mickael Bouloux. Merci Mickael

WAP2 oharra (PRO erabiltzaileentzako bereziki): WAP2 saioa berehala hasi nahi baduzu URL hau erabili: http://wap2.windguru.cz/?username=ZURE_ERABILTZAILE_IZENA&password=ZURE_PASAHITZA

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