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Models del temps utilitzats a Windguru

Model GFS

GFS stands for the Global Forecast System. It is run by National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) which is a unit of NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), NWS (National Weather Service), USA. The GFS is run four times per day (00 UTC, 06 UTC, 12 UTC, and 18 UTC) out to 384 hours. GFS is a global model so it covers all the Earth! Since January 2015 GFS has been producing forecasts with resolution of 27 km out to 240 hours.

Model NAM

El North American Msoscale (NAM) és un model de mesoescala regional que utilitza terrenys millorats i una parametrització de la superfície i dels processos de precipitació també millorats. També el fan els NCEP, antigament el seu nom era Eta, però a principis del 2005 fou renombrat a NAM. Windguru utilitza les dades de la previsió a 84 hores en salts de 3 hores que cobreix Amèrica del nord amb una resolució mitja d'1.1 graus (uns 12Km). S'actualitza 4 vegades cada dia. D'una resolució més alta que el GFS n'hauria de resultar una previsió més precisa en les prediccions a curt termini.

Since October 2011 NOAA/NCEP has added several high resolution subdomains to their NAM model. The first we use on windguru is the one that covers Hawaii in 3 km resolution. The subdomains run inside the main 12 km domain from 0 to 60 h, but at the moment we only show the first 36 hour forecast. The reason for this is that for 0-36h the output files are available in 1 hour steps, but 36-60h only in 3 hour steps, and it is not so easy to combine that in the current windguru forecast tables (at least for now, it will probably change in the future). Updates are 4 times per day.

Model WRF

El model Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) is un sistema de predicció del temps numèric de mesoescala dissenyat per a servir tant per a satisfer necessitats de predicció operacional com per a satisfer necessitats de recerca atmosfèrica. És un successor evolucionat del model MM5. L'esforç de desenvolupar WRF ha sigut una associació de col·laboració, principalment entre el National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), la National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (els National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) i el Forecast Systems Laboratory (FSL), l'Air Force Weather Agency (AFWA), el Naval Research Laboratory, Oklahoma University, i la Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Més informació en el lloc web del WRF.

We are running WRF model for most Europe and Mediterranean. Canary Islands, Madeira and part of Morocco's Atlantic coast are also covered by WRF with 9 km resolution. Another smaller WRF 9 km resolution domain covers Northern Red Sea with popular spots in Egypt, and also Israel, Lebannon and south of Cyprus. We also provide WRF 9 km forecasts for East Asia, this domain covers Japan, Korea, Taiwan and east China. Argentina, Chile and Uruguay are covered by WRF 12 km. Les condicions inicials i de frontera venen del GFS. Si tot va bé el WRF s'actualitza 4 vegades al dia i produeix previsions per a fins a 78 hores en el futur en salts d'una hora. Les previsions inclouen la velocitat i direcció del vent, ràfegues, temperatura, nuvolositat total i precipitacions.

The highest resolution model we are running now is 3 km. Such a high resolution requires massive computing so the covered area can't be very large. WRF with 3 km covers Czech republic, forecasts are for next 48 hours and update 4 times per day. Another small 3 km domain covers one of the most famous areas for wind & kitesurfing in Europe - Tarifa / Strait of Gibraltar.

HRW model

The HRW (High Resolution Window) is WRF powered forecast model, it is run by American NOAA/NCEP same like GFS and NAM models described above. We use forecast data which cover Hawaiian islands with 5 km horizontal resolution and United States with 4 km resolution. Forecast length is 48 hours. Forecasts for Hawaii and US east update twice per day (model cycles 00 UTC and 12 UTC) and forecasts for US west update once per day (model cycle 06 UTC). Another smaller HRW 5 km domain covers part of Caribbean around Dominican republic and Puerto Rico and updates twice per day (cycles 06 UTC and 18 UTC).

As you can see on the maps below, the US east and US west domain overlap quite a lot, so if you view forecast for spot somewhere in the central US which is covered by both HRW domains you will always see the latest available model forecast - either from HRWe or HRWw depending on which one is the most up-to-date. So we can say that for central US the HRW model updates 3 times per day (00,06 and 12 UTC cycles)

Notice: Some or all HRW forecasts will not update if NOAA needs to run Hurricane models instead.

HRW forecasts are free to all users!

Dades del model actual:

WRF 27 km (Europe):24.03.2023 18 UTC
GDPS 15 km (World):24.03.2023 12 UTC
GFS 13 km (World):24.03.2023 18 UTC
ICON 13 km (World):25.03.2023 00 UTC
RAP 13 km (US):25.03.2023 03 UTC
NAM 12 km (North America):25.03.2023 00 UTC
WRF 12 km (Argentina):24.03.2023 18 UTC
WRF 9 km (Canary):24.03.2023 18 UTC
WRF 9 km (East Asia):24.03.2023 18 UTC
WRF 9 km (Egypt):24.03.2023 18 UTC
WRF 9 km (Europe):24.03.2023 18 UTC
WRF 9 km (South Africa):24.03.2023 18 UTC
ICON 7 km (Europe):25.03.2023 00 UTC
Zephr-HD 5 km (Brazil):24.03.2023 18 UTC
HARMONIE 5 km (EU):25.03.2023 00 UTC
HRW-ARW 3 km (Caribbean):24.03.2023 18 UTC
HRW-ARW 3 km (Hawaii):25.03.2023 00 UTC
HRW-FV3 3 km (Caribbean):24.03.2023 18 UTC
HRW-FV3 3 km (Hawaii):25.03.2023 00 UTC
HRW 3 km (US):25.03.2023 00 UTC
Zephr-HD 3.3 km (Argentina):24.03.2023 12 UTC
Zephr-HD 3.3 km (Western Australia):24.03.2023 18 UTC
HRRR 3 km (US):25.03.2023 02 UTC
NAM 3 km (Hawaii):25.03.2023 00 UTC
WRF 3 km (Aegean Sea):24.03.2023 18 UTC
WRF 3 km (Canary):24.03.2023 18 UTC
Zephr-HD 3 km (East US):24.03.2023 12 UTC
Zephr-HD 3 km (West US):24.03.2023 12 UTC
WRF 3 km (CZ):24.03.2023 18 UTC
WRF 3 km (English Channel):24.03.2023 18 UTC
WRF 3 km (Gibraltar):24.03.2023 18 UTC
WRF 3 km (Israel+):24.03.2023 18 UTC
Zephr-HD 3 km (Europe):24.03.2023 18 UTC
Zephr-HD 2.7 km (Eastern Australia):24.03.2023 18 UTC
Zephr-HD 2.7 km (South Africa):24.03.2023 18 UTC
Zephr-HD 2.6 km (Japan):24.03.2023 18 UTC
AROME 2.5 km (Caribbean):24.03.2023 18 UTC
AROME 2.5 km (France+):25.03.2023 00 UTC
AROME 2.5 km (French Guiana):24.03.2023 18 UTC
AROME 2.5 km (French Polynesia):24.03.2023 12 UTC
AROME 2.5 km (Hungary):25.03.2023 00 UTC
AROME 2.5 km (Indian Ocean):24.03.2023 18 UTC
AROME 2.5 km (New Caledonia):24.03.2023 18 UTC
HARM-FI 2.5 km (Scandinavia):25.03.2023 00 UTC
HARM-NL 2.5 km (Netherlands):25.03.2023 00 UTC
HRDPS 2.5 km (Canada):24.03.2023 18 UTC
ICON 2.2 (Germany+):25.03.2023 00 UTC
Zephr-HD 2 km (New Zealand):24.03.2023 12 UTC
AROME 1.3 km (France+):25.03.2023 00 UTC
GWAM 27 km (waves) :24.03.2023 12 UTC
GDWPS 25 km (waves) :24.03.2023 12 UTC
GFS-Wave 25 km (waves):24.03.2023 18 UTC
GFS-Wave 16 km (waves):24.03.2023 18 UTC
GFS-Wave 9 km (waves):24.03.2023 18 UTC
EWAM 5 km (waves Europe) :24.03.2023 12 UTC

Següent actualització del model prevista:

model de cicle: 00 UTC 03 UTC 06 UTC 09 UTC 12 UTC 15 UTC 18 UTC 21 UTC
WRF 27 km (Europe)07:55 UTCn/a13:55 UTCn/a19:55 UTCn/a01:55 UTCn/a
GDPS 15 km (World)05:30 UTCn/an/an/a17:30 UTCn/an/an/a
GFS 13 km (World)04:45 UTCn/a10:45 UTCn/a16:45 UTCn/a22:45 UTCn/a
ICON 13 km (World)03:45 UTCn/a09:30 UTCn/a15:45 UTCn/a21:30 UTCn/a
RAP 13 km (US)01:05 UTC04:05 UTC07:05 UTC10:05 UTC13:05 UTC16:05 UTC19:05 UTC22:05 UTC
NAM 12 km (North America)02:55 UTCn/a08:55 UTCn/a14:55 UTCn/a20:55 UTCn/a
WRF 12 km (Argentina)07:30 UTCn/a13:30 UTCn/a19:30 UTCn/a01:30 UTCn/a
WRF 9 km (Canary)07:45 UTCn/a13:45 UTCn/a19:45 UTCn/a01:45 UTCn/a
WRF 9 km (East Asia)08:05 UTCn/a14:05 UTCn/a20:05 UTCn/a02:05 UTCn/a
WRF 9 km (Egypt)06:30 UTCn/a12:30 UTCn/a18:30 UTCn/a00:30 UTCn/a
WRF 9 km (Europe)07:25 UTCn/a13:25 UTCn/a19:25 UTCn/a01:25 UTCn/a
WRF 9 km (South Africa)06:55 UTCn/a12:55 UTCn/a18:55 UTCn/a00:55 UTCn/a
ICON 7 km (Europe)03:50 UTC06:20 UTC09:50 UTC12:20 UTC15:50 UTC18:20 UTC21:50 UTC00:20 UTC
HARMONIE 5 km (EU)04:10 UTCn/a10:10 UTCn/a16:10 UTCn/a22:10 UTCn/a
HRW-ARW 3 km (Caribbean)n/an/a08:45 UTCn/an/an/a20:45 UTCn/a
HRW-ARW 3 km (Hawaii)02:50 UTCn/an/an/a14:50 UTCn/an/an/a
HRW-FV3 3 km (Caribbean)n/an/a08:40 UTCn/an/an/a20:40 UTCn/a
HRW-FV3 3 km (Hawaii)02:50 UTCn/an/an/a14:50 UTCn/an/an/a
HRW 3 km (US)02:50 UTCn/an/an/a14:50 UTCn/an/an/a
HRRR 3 km (US)01:50 UTC04:25 UTC07:50 UTC10:25 UTC13:50 UTC16:25 UTC19:50 UTC22:25 UTC
NAM 3 km (Hawaii)02:15 UTCn/a08:15 UTCn/a14:15 UTCn/a20:15 UTCn/a
WRF 3 km (Aegean Sea)06:10 UTCn/a12:10 UTCn/a18:10 UTCn/a00:10 UTCn/a
WRF 3 km (Canary)07:25 UTCn/a13:25 UTCn/a19:25 UTCn/a01:25 UTCn/a
WRF 3 km (CZ)06:40 UTCn/a12:40 UTCn/a18:40 UTCn/a00:40 UTCn/a
WRF 3 km (English Channel)07:00 UTCn/a13:00 UTCn/a19:00 UTCn/a01:00 UTCn/a
WRF 3 km (Gibraltar)06:35 UTCn/a12:35 UTCn/a18:35 UTCn/a00:35 UTCn/a
WRF 3 km (Israel+)08:05 UTCn/a14:05 UTCn/a20:05 UTCn/a02:05 UTCn/a
AROME 2.5 km (Caribbean)07:45 UTCn/a13:50 UTCn/a19:45 UTCn/a01:50 UTCn/a
AROME 2.5 km (France+)02:55 UTCn/a10:55 UTCn/a15:55 UTCn/a22:55 UTCn/a
AROME 2.5 km (French Guiana)07:45 UTCn/a13:50 UTCn/a19:45 UTCn/a01:50 UTCn/a
AROME 2.5 km (French Polynesia)07:50 UTCn/an/an/a19:50 UTCn/an/an/a
AROME 2.5 km (Hungary)02:30 UTCn/a08:30 UTCn/a14:30 UTCn/a20:30 UTCn/a
AROME 2.5 km (Indian Ocean)07:50 UTCn/a13:40 UTCn/a19:45 UTCn/a01:50 UTCn/a
AROME 2.5 km (New Caledonia)07:45 UTCn/a13:45 UTCn/a19:45 UTCn/a01:45 UTCn/a
HARM-FI 2.5 km (Scandinavia)04:05 UTCn/a10:05 UTCn/a16:05 UTCn/a22:05 UTCn/a
HARM-NL 2.5 km (Netherlands)04:10 UTCn/a10:10 UTCn/a16:10 UTCn/a22:10 UTCn/a
HRDPS 2.5 km (Canada)04:25 UTCn/a10:25 UTCn/a16:25 UTCn/a22:25 UTCn/a
ICON 2.2 (Germany+)01:30 UTC04:30 UTC07:30 UTC10:30 UTC13:30 UTC16:30 UTC19:30 UTC22:30 UTC
AROME 1.3 km (France+)02:55 UTCn/a10:55 UTCn/a15:55 UTCn/a22:55 UTCn/a
GWAM 27 km (waves) 04:40 UTCn/an/an/a16:40 UTCn/an/an/a
GDWPS 25 km (waves) 05:20 UTCn/an/an/a17:20 UTCn/an/an/a
GFS-Wave 25 km (waves)04:40 UTCn/a10:40 UTCn/a16:40 UTCn/a22:40 UTCn/a
GFS-Wave 16 km (waves)04:40 UTCn/a10:40 UTCn/a16:40 UTCn/a22:40 UTCn/a
GFS-Wave 9 km (waves)04:40 UTCn/a10:40 UTCn/a16:40 UTCn/a22:40 UTCn/a
EWAM 5 km (waves Europe) 04:40 UTCn/an/an/a16:40 UTCn/an/an/a

(Temps aproximats d'actualització dels models en UTC, l'hora actual és 25.3.2023 04:24 UTC)

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