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Advertising at WindGURU.

Popularity of this website is growing every day, now we have about 20.000.000 visits / 35.000.000 pageviews per month. Nearly all of windguru visitors are windsurfers or kiters. This website is international and same are it's visitors, they are coming from all aroud the world. If you sell windsurfing / kitesurfing equipment, operate windsurfing rental station, school or offer accomodation in some windsurfing destination, you can take advantage of almost perfect 100% target audience!

We offer 3 types of advertising:

1) Spot targeting campaigns

Ideal for local advertisers! Do you want to attract only viewers who are searching forecast for a specific spot? Spot targeting is exactly what you are looking for. Your banner will be displayed above forecast for spot you choose! Banner is also visible in the wind archives and statistics for the given spot.

  • Exact prices depend on spot popularity, less frequently used forecasts have cheaper banners then more popular forecasts.
  • If you book more months we offer discounts
  • If you book more spots together we offer additional discounts
468x60px banner
250x60px banner
468 250
Depends on spot popularity
Please ask for price for your spot at

Depends on spot popularity
Please ask for price for your spot at

2) General campaigns and Geotargeting

These banners display in the blue area above the main menu or in the left grey column. This type of advertising is suitable for those who are looking for global campaigns. Available features:

Top banner - size 468x60px
Top banner - size 250x60px
Left banners - size 120x50px till 120x250px
2 € per 1000 views
(2.5 € with Geotargeting)

1.3 € per 1000 views
(1.7 € with Geotargeting)

from 0.6 € per 1000 views
(from 0.75 € with Geotargeting)

(All prices without VAT)

Special features:

3) Windguru Tip

Text advertising with little logo on the windguru homepage (next to the main menu panel). Ideal for short term advertising with maximum user coverage.

  • All the Windguru Tip works like a link.
  • Total size (250x75 pixel) consists of:
    • little image/logo 73x73 pixel
    • 25 letter headline
    • approx. 150 letters text
  • Fixed position (visible on every page reload)
  • Expected impressions: 4.000.000 - 5.000.000 per week!
Windguru Tip
Windguru Tip
low season (October - March): 800 € / week
high season (April - September): 1000 € / week

4) Windguru Directory

Windguru directory is a list of services available at each spot, it is available by clicking different tabs on a forecast table. You can see an example on the picture below. The commercial part of Windguru Directory includes "Accomodation", "Schools/Rentals", "Shops" and "Other" categories. ("Webcams" and "Wind reports" are free)

Standard entry in Windguru Directory consists of a headline with link to your site and short text description. Premium entry guarantees listing at top 3 positions of given category and can also include a little logo / image (50x50px size). The price is 50 € (standard entry) or 100 € (premium position) per year at one spot.

Windguru Directory

Standard: 50 € / 1 spot / 1 year
Premium: 100 € / 1 spot / 1 year

Payment for advertising is possible via bank transfer, credit card, PayPal or Moneybookers

MasterCard VISA Maestro Visa Electron   3D-Secure Mastercard3D-Secure VISA

Banners should be max 50 kB, GIF, JPEG or PNG. Flash is also possible

If you want to use flash banners, you must follow these instructions when including link into the banner, only then we can count the clicks in banner statistics.

Interested in advertising? Order here: advertising@windguru.cz

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