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Pago con tarxeta de crédito / débito en Windguru.cz - RECOMENDADO

¿Que tarxetas de crédito se aceptan?

    MasterCard VISA Maestro Visa Electron

¿Cómo funciona o pagamento?

If you decide to use credit card payment, for the payment you will be redirected to GP webpay payment gateway which is provided by our processing bank (Raiffeisenbank a.s.) in cooperation with GPE (Global Payments Europe).

GPE and our bank are the the only entities processing your card details and guarantee encrypted data transmission . Windguru.cz receives only the result of authorization and instructions about how to further process the order.

      3D-Secure Mastercard3D-Secure VISA

Se ocurriron problemas durante o pago, puido ser por algún dos seguintes motivos:

O pago con tarxeta de crédito é o método de pago recomendado en windguru.cz

Métodos de pago alternativos:

Pago con PayPal

PayPal, owned by eBay, is a global widely used online payment system. Especially if you already have an account on PayPal it can be an option for you. It supports domestic bank transfers for some countries and credit card payments. Ir a www.paypal.com para máis información.

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