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The best of:
GFS 27 km (World)
WRF 27 km (Europe)
WRF 9 km (Europe)
WRF 9 km (Canary)
WRF 9 km (Egypt)
WRF 9 km (S. Africa)
WRF 9 km (East Asia)
WRF 12 km (Argentina)
WRF 3 km (CZ)
WRF 3 km (Gibraltar)
WRF 3 km (English Channel)
WRF 3 km (Canary)
NAM 12 km (N.America)
NAM 3 km (Hawaii)
HRW 5 km (Hawaii)
HRW 5 km (Caribb.)
HRRR 3 km (US)
RAP 13 km (US)
HRW 4 km (US)
HRDPS 2.5 km (Canada)
ICON 13 km (World)
ICON 7 km (Europe)
COSMO 2.2 (Germany)
HARMONIE 2.5 km (Netherlands)
HIRLAM 7.5 km (Europe)
AROME 1.3 km (France+)
AROME 2.5 km (France+)
NWW3 50 km (waves)
NWW3 100 km (waves)
GWAM 27 km (waves)
EWAM 5 km (waves Europe)


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Best of HARMONIE 2.5 km - Monday 20th January 2020

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