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Windguru for Android

Official Windguru app for Android is available on Google Play. It's quite simple and very simliar to our mobile site at touch.windguru.cz. The main purpose of this app is to get easily to your windguru forecast on your phone or tablet. It does not have many features (at least yet) but should do what we need the most: to view the forecast in the format we are all used to :-)

Main features:

WG android 1 WG android 2 WG android 3


WindGURU11 - alternative app for Android

The app is available in 2 versions, one is free and the other is a "donate" version. Please consider downloading the donate version to support further development.

Current features:

The free app includes ads, but PRO users do not see them.

Please use this email for any feedback:

The app is developed by StudioEleven.

Some screenshots: (version 2.5.0)

android1 android2

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