In 2002 kiteboarding was a very raw experience and a time of almost daily development in all aspects of the sport. The gear is thankfully so much safer now and, at a professional level, riding has of course moved on to become very slick and polished, but looking back over the images that we’re running this issue from the year that Kiteworld came to life, the connection I feel with them is perhaps is even greater than with shots of Carlos Mario mid slim 7. Holding on to the bar with white knuckles, eyes wide and filled with emotion, legs straining to maintain correct course with the pull of the kite – and that’s just how it felt to mow the lawn at the turn of the century. Whatever you’re learning, there are still many thrilling moments to be enjoyed and it’s that action-packed natural experience that we all still love.

We’re 100 issues old and in many ways this was the easiest issue to pull together. 2002 was rad. We’ve focussed on the stories from that year and the experience of being a kiteboarder; the elements that still have all of the wind-addled amongst us rushing out of bed to pull the curtains back and check for movement in the trees.

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